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Principal's Corner

Principal's March Update

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Parents, Guardians, and Students

It is hard to believe that the end of the year is almost here with graduation just around the corner. I wanted to touch base with everyone as we enter the final stages of the school year and one of the most important. Yes, state testing and ACT testing are an extremely important time in our school year. With the strong tradition of Dawson Springs over the years we do not want to lose sight of our goals or our “Gold Standard”.

With this in mind I want to relay some test taking tips that may help our students on these exams. Whenever taking a quiz, test, or final exam, keep these tips in mind:

* Have everything you need for the test when you go to the class

* As soon as you get your test, write anything you want to remember at the top (names, dates, formulas, etc.)

* Before you begin answering the questions, quickly look over the entire test and decide how much time you will need to spend on each question. For example if the test has 25 multiple choice and 2 essay questions, you could plan to spend 10 minutes on the multiple choice and 20 on the essay.

* Put a dot or a light mark by any answer you aren’t sure of. After you have gone through all of the questions, go back and do those and try again.

* If you have time, check your answers, even the ones you know you have right. Use all the time you are given.

Doing well on a test takes more than studying the material. You also need to be a smart test taker. Smart test takers know strategies that improve their confidence and help them choose the right answer.


Thank you,


Todd Marshall, Principal

Dawson Springs Jr/Sr. High School