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College and Career Ready
College and Career Ready Students
Forms/General Info
Forms/General Info
School Nutrition
Healthy Schools Program
Seclusion/Restraint Training Materials and Forms
Seclusion/Restraint Policy and Forms
Start of School Items
Start of School Items
Student Handbook & Code of Acceptable Behavior
Student Handbook and Code of Acceptable Behavior
Comprehensive School Improvement Plan
Comprehensive School Improvement Plan
Evaluation Documents
Evaluation Documents
SBDM Policies
Staff Handbook
Staff Handbook
Forms/General Info >> Forms/General Info
Notice of Nondiscrimination 8/1/2017
Attendance Policy 12/21/2013
Blood Borne Pathogens 12/20/2013
Bus Driver Timesheet 12/19/2013
Classified Monthly Time Sheet 12/18/2013
Copy Request Form (Production Request) 12/17/2013
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Drug Free Workplace Policy 12/16/2013
Facility Map 12/15/2013
Family and Medical Leave Act 12/14/2013
Field Trip Request Form 12/13/2013
Field Trip Parent and Teacher Permission Form 12/12/2013
Fundraiser Approval Form 12/11/2013
Dawson Springs Junior/Senior High School Related Activity Permission Form 12/11/2013
Fundraiser Worksheet Form 12/10/2013
Grade Change Form 12/9/2013
Internet Website Request/Deny Form 12/7/2013
Record of Leave Form 12/7/2013
Reimbursement Information and Mileage Chart 12/6/2013
Request for Leave 12/5/2013
Requisition Form 12/4/2013
Reimbursement/Absence Request Form 12/4/2013
Surplus Property Procedure 12/3/2013
Multiple Receipt Form 12/3/2013
Technology Acceptable Use Policy 12/2/2013
Work Order Form 12/1/2013
Planning Form (High School) 7/3/2013