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Getting to Know Mr. Revell
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Wednesday, August 29, 2018
DSHS Social Studies Teacher, Mr. Revell
DSHS Social Studies Teacher, Mr. Revell

This week’s Spotlight is shining on our new HS Social Studies teacher,  Mr. Revell, as we get to know him a little better. 

1. What is your favorite thing about being an educator?
There are lots of things I enjoy about my job. I enjoy the personalities of my students. Even if I teach the same lesson three times in a day, my classes are never the same.  My students have such unique perspectives, humor, backgrounds, etc. These drive my day and really make work interesting. I also love talking about history and exploring content topics with my students. I feel that it is a privilege to be able to discuss the ebbs and flows of social studies content and be able to have conversations about things which are so real and important to us as people. I also love seeing my students grow into people who are responsible men and women. I burst with pride in seeing my kids who had this untapped potential realize their gifts and seriously grow in knowledge, wisdom, stature and favor.

2. What is the thing you like the least about being an educator?
I hate getting into an awesome discussion and being cut off by the bell. I also really love to summers sometimes get monotonous. I’m sure plenty would disagree with me about that!

3. What are you and your students doing in class right now?
In choir, my students have started looking at music theory (counting, sight reading, etc.) and we have begun work for our Christmas showing.
In Integrated Social Studies, we are starting to get into foundational documents for the United States government.
In Global Issues, we are analyzing ancient world conflict and discussing the importance of primary and secondary sources in the scope of understanding history and global events.
In Reading, we have been engaged in the book “FEVER” by Laurie Halse Anderson.  My students have been exercising reading skills and identifying plot developments throughout the previous chapters.

4. How do you keep your students engaged?
I really like stories, and talking about things that matter to people.  I’ve always considered myself a 0 or 100 mph kind of conversationalist. If we’re talking it is about something worthwhile.  I try to keep my students engaged by asking questions about things that are important to them or to society and connecting these questions to the topic we’re covering.  I also like to make history a story instead of a compilation of random facts. I like to think that this is what keeps my students engaged (not that I have something on my face).

5.What is your greatest accomplishment so far this school year?
Truthfully, I don’t really gauge success by what I accomplish in the school year--I measure success by what my students accomplish. I’ve already seen students make leaps and bounds of improvement in writing.  These improvements are the greatest accomplishments I’ve seen thus far!


Join us in making Mr. Revell feel welcome here at DSHS!


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