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Teaching you Science with Ms. Menser
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Monday, September 24, 2018
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This week is about the middle school science teacher Ms. Menser. i asked her the following questions for our weekly spotlight. These are the questions I asked:
What is your favorite thing about being an educator?
What is the thing you like the least about being an educator?
What are you and your students doing in class right now?
How do you keep your students engaged? Or, what is your students' favorite part of the activity?
What challenges does your current activity present for you and your students?
What is your greatest accomplishment so far this school year?

1. I can’t imagine doing anything else career wise. Originally I planned on working as a psychologist with the FBI but was lead to teach MS and feel like that was my calling. My favorite part is the close relationships I’ve developed with my students.
2.       Ummmmmm can’t think of a thing except the politics that gets involved with our benefits and pay.
3.       The 8th grade has almost finished the unit on leaf classification and will move on to analyze data for fossil records. The 7th grade finished microscopes and  will move on to atomic structure.
4.       Everyone enjoys hands on activities no matter the subject matter, so I always try to incorporate activities into the units. From Build-a-baby genetics, frog dissection, owl pellets, power plants, to Science Olympiad events I try to peek interest in science.
5.       We have to cover all the vocabulary and concepts to be able to apply science to the hands-on activities.
6.       Every year that I love having my students and miss them when they move to the high school is a successful year. (I’ve felt like this since 1986)

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