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It's the "Write" Stuff
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Monday, October 01, 2018
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This week is about the High school English  teacher. Mr. Godbey the following questions for our weekly spotlight. These are the questions I asked:

What is your favorite thing about being an educator?

I love the feeling of getting up every day and knowing that I have the opportunity to play a positive role in the development of a deserving child.  There are few jobs in the world where you know that every day has meaning.  Teaching is one of those jobs.

What is the thing you like the least about being an educator?

If you are going to stay in this profession, you have to come to grips with the fact that you will not always live up to the values you set for yourself.  If 90% of my students are performing at or above expectations then I am failing 10% of my kids. That 10% isn’t simply an arbitrary statistic; it’s the well-being of a human being, someone else’s child.  To know that you have failed a child is a tremendous weight but one every teacher must live with.

What are you and your students doing in class right now?

My juniors are busy learning about Renaissance literature, critical thinking skills, and they are beginning to sharpen their writing.  My seniors are starting on their analysis paper and, in their spare time, grappling with how to live a life full of meaning. In RTI, we’re learning about the sneaky tricks the ACT folks play on unsuspecting students.  #benchmark

How do you keep your students engaged? Or, what is your students' favorite part of the activity?

I think the best way to teach literature is to connect the words on the page with the common struggles we all go through in life.  I love telling my kids stories, anything to draw them into the world of literature. Some kids think that I’m funny. Those kids are wrong, but you can’t hold that against them.  They’re just kids, right? Wait, was that funny? I can’t tell.

What challenges does your current activity present for you and your students?

The juniors are going through the transition into the toughest year of high school.  They suddenly work up in a world of AP classes and are having to make a tough transition.  They’re doing an excellent job, though. I’m hitting the seniors with some heavy content about art, philosophy, psychology, and even neurobiology.  Those kids are resilient, though, so I’m not worried about them that much.

What is your greatest accomplishment so far this school year?

The other day, a student told me that she enjoyed what we were reading and that she liked to listen to me tell her stories about the authors and poems were are reading.  She looks forward to English class every day. I slept well that night.

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